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Weaver Lake Kindergarteners use Beebots to learn about motion

Teacher and STEM coordinator Melissa Pedersen usually works with third grade students, but has recently started working with a kindergarten class at Weaver Lake Elementary: A Science, Math and Technology School. In a special lesson, she taught more than 20 kindergarteners about the push and pulls of motion using Beebots.

Beebots are colorful, motorized bee-shaped robots that have various buttons to operate directions. Each young scholar patiently waited for instructions before being partnered with one of their classmates. Once in pairs, kindergarteners used their Beebot to push and pull Legos and Keva Planks, which are small wooden blocks. This was a great activity for students to develop teamwork and fine motor abilities.

Though the primary objective was to learn about motion, students were eager to put their building abilities to the test. Students continued to explore ways to use the materials provided to create taller and heavier structures for their Beebot to push and pull. 

“They loved seeing it continue to pull their larger structures once they added wheels to the objects being pulled, and enjoyed being challenged with flexibility in how they approached the challenge,” said Pedersen.