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Preparing to debut refreshed website this August

Preparing to debut refreshed website this August

Families, staff members, and the community at large can look forward to a refreshed Osseo Area Schools website that is set to launch prior to the start of the 2024-25 school year.

Driven by our desire to showcase all that Osseo Area Schools has to offer, the refreshed website will feature modern design elements, visual storytelling, and an updated navigation system that aims to significantly improve user experience - whether you’re a first-time visitor or a frequent guest. 

The heading of the new website

The refreshed district website will feature a clean, photo-driven design in addition to a more intuitive navigation system. There will also be increased one-click opportunities for stakeholders, highlighted by a quick links library on the homepage. 


While the foundation of the website will largely remain in place, the refresh will allow for increased district and school-level branding that highlights and connects the pride that our families feel for their school community.

One of the biggest focuses for the new site is creating additional one-click opportunities for current and prospective families. The new district and school-level sites will feature a quick links library as well as sliders that highlight district or school level programming. Each of these elements will help make information more accessible to stakeholders in the Osseo Area Schools community. 

How the website will look after the refresh

The updated site, which was driven both by stakeholder feedback and the desire to continue attracting families to Osseo Area Schools, is expected to be rolled out in late August.

“We're excited to implement this updated site that features more intuitive navigation, increased visual appeal, and further opportunities to highlight our outstanding district and school programming,” said Kay Villella, executive director of community relations. “Promoting our district while simultaneously making information easily accessible for all stakeholders is a core component of what we believe in, and we look forward to achieving those goals through this refreshed design.”