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Park Brook holds Boot Camp to promote after-school physical activity

Park Brook holds Boot Camp to promote after-school physical activity

Twice a week this spring, Park Brook Elementary School’s grounds are bustling with activity after school as over 160 scholars participate in the school’s afternoon Boot Camp. Boot campers spend time keeping their bodies active and learning new games. The program is also available in the fall.

On May 22, Boot Camp participants split into several stations by age. Some students were playing catch with scoops and playing hot potato, while others worked on their batting skills. One group played a game called Zones, where some players attempted to advance down a playfield while others tried to block them. Some favorites the boot camp attendees listed included frisbee games, basketball and playground time. 

“I like that we get to have fun and we can exercise,” said Amirah, a Boot Camp participant. 

“Park Brook is a school with a Focus on Fitness to increase academic growth and positive behaviors, and Boot Camp is an integral part of this initiative,” said Park Brook’s principal, Scott Taylor. “At the beginning of the year, this is a tremendous way to get all students moving to prepare for learning. Holding a Boot Camp in May keeps the students ready for learning as we approach the end of the year, fosters a positive atmosphere, and keeps the students active.”