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Boston Scientific teaches Brooklyn Middle students about stents

Boston Scientific teaches Brooklyn Middle students about stents

Brooklyn Middle STEAM School (BMS) students in seventh and eighth grade technology classes beefed up their science and engineering knowledge base Jan. 30, when Boston Scientific engineers visited the school for an interactive lesson on stents. 

an engineer guides students as they practice an angioplasty on a procedure pal model


The engineers showed BMS scholars the types of devices their company designs and how they work in the body, stressing the importance of the engineering design process in their company and careers. 

“Students are learning about the engineering design process in these technology classes and participating in fun engineering design challenges a couple of times a month,” explained BMS’s curriculum coordinator, Shannon Comisar. “Bringing in Boston Scientific showed students how the engineering design process works in the real world.”

The students then split into two groups, with one group building esophageal stents in small groups with a variety of materials and Boston Scientific engineers on hand to guide them. 

students work on building a stent at a table while an engineer guides them


Another group got a demonstration and some hands-on time with a “procedure pal.” An engineer showed them different types of stents and scopes and demonstrated how to perform an angioplasty using the procedure pal, then interested students could try their hand at the procedure themselves.